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In today’s competitive market, towers are dealing with rising fuel, equipment, and insurance costs. On the other hand, road clubs and insurance companies have taken over a large part of the customer base, forcing tow prices down and taking a huge bite out of towers' profit margins. This has forced towers to find more efficient ways to run their businesses. TowMap.com is an online mapping & routing program designed for the professional tower.

TowMap differs from other mapping programs by allowing towers to specify incident & destination locations and calculate unloaded & loaded charges. This ability enables the tower to calculate accurate quotes before sending trucks on the road.

TowMap combines the best Internet mapping capabilities available throughout the United States and Canada to ensure the most accurate mapping for all areas. Users may select a single address, pickup-to-drop-off-location routing, or office-to-pickup-to-drop-off-location routing. All routes are highlighted with the shortest and fastest distance between points and may be viewed in text with turn-by-turn driving instructions plus estimated driving times. TowMap can verify all addresses before the driver goes on the call so that no time is wasted on chasing addresses that do not exist.

Is your operation feeling the pinch? If so, let TowMap eliminate the long way around and help bring more profits into your business.

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