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In today’s fast-paced business environment, road clubs, towers, road-side services, and call centers are all looking for an advantage. This advantage can only be achieved by getting the most out of available resources. For this reason, more and more road clubs are embracing the process of digital dispatching.

Under normal circumstances, it would take a road club dispatcher an average of 10 minutes to contact a service provider and dictate call information over a telephone, and even longer if the first service provider cannot supply service. Half of this time is for the service provider’s dispatcher to receive the call. All this time costs both the service provider and the road clubs much money in employees and telephone services.

For years, different road clubs and software venders have tried to perfect the digital dispatch market to no avail — until now. With TowMagic Digital Dispatch, road clubs are spending an average of 90 seconds per call with no phone costs. This is why some road clubs are now digitally dispatching and others are not far behind.

TowMagic is a small application that runs in the Notification area of Microsoft® Windows® computers. TowMagic will prompt the user of an incoming call with an audio alert and sliding notification message in the corner of the screen. When the dispatcher clicks on this notification message, a window with all the job information will appear on the monitor. Unlike other digital dispatch software, this is done instantly when the road club sends the call — all without long refreshes that waste the road club’s and service provider's valuable time.

When a service request is received the dispatcher can review the information and select one of three choices: Accept, Reject, or Request Phone Call. After accepting the call, the dispatcher may enter ETA, miles to the job, and, for tows,miles towed. TowMagic integrates seamlessly with Beacon Software’s TowMap server to calculate all mileages. That way, when pricing, there are no mileage problems with the road club. This information is sent to the road club dispatcher and the purchase order number is returned within seconds.

All job information may be printed on a single sheet of paper. When running Dispatch Anywhere, jobs are moved directly into the Waiting screen with all other pending jobs ready to be dispatched to the driver’s pager or mobile phone.

As anyone can see, digital dispatch is now a part of the industry and is rapidly expanding. It's powerful technology that lets service providers more efficiently work with road clubs. Take advantage of TowMagic and get your road club calls before your competition does.

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