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Receive and confirm Motor Club jobs over the Internet

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What's New in TowMagic?
Multiple Motor Clubs
Users have the ability to receive jobs from AAA, Allstate, Asurion, Coach-Net, Cross Country, Geico, National Automobile Club, NSD, Quest, Road America, Signature Group (formerly GE), and USAC all from a single TowMagic account.

Credit Card Processing
The Credit Card Virtual Terminal allows cards to be processed from any computer running TowMagic at any time.

Forward Jobs to Dispatch Anywhere
Jobs are automatically moved into the Pending Call area to be dispatched to a drivers pager or mobile phone in Dispatch Anywhere.

Why TowMagic?
TowMagic is Beacon Software’s online dispatching assistant. It is a reliable user-friendly program that allows towers and roadside assitance companies to receive Motor Club jobs over the Internet, directly to the desktop, smart phone, or other mobile device. This useful program also links with TowSpec for towing instructions and with TowMap for quick, accurate mapping. Users are able to run multiple road clubs and user ids on a single system with a history search on past calls.

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