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TowMagic Key Features

Receive Digital Dispatch Calls from Road Clubs
Road club calls can be received in seconds with a few clicks of a mouse. This process is so fast and user-friendly that dispatchers can take phone orders and accept digital dispatch calls without putting your customers on hold.
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Multiple Road Club Access
Users have the ability to receive jobs from AAA, Allstate, Asurion, Coach-Net, Cross Country, Geico, National Automobile Club, NSD, Quest, Road America, Signature Group (formerly GE), and USAC all from a single TowMagic account.
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Multiple Vendor IDs
Companies that have more than one account for a motor club (such as companies serving multiple areas) may receive all calls into a single TowMagic system.
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Credit Card Processing
The Credit Card Virtual Terminal allows cards to be processed from any computer running TowMagic at any time.
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Receive Digital Dispatch Calls from Account Customers
High-volume account customers are able to send calls to TowMagic and receive confirmations. This saves time for both the customer and the dispatcher.
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Accept, Reject, & Request Phone Call
Some calls that come from road clubs may be out of the service area’s range or for some reason cannot be serviced. Accordingly, the dispatcher may select the Reject button. If the information that the road club is sending is not clear or more information is needed, the Request Phone Call option is available.
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Auto-Calculate Unloaded and Loaded Miles
Service providers and road clubs often are confused regarding mileage. With TowMagic, all unloaded and & loaded mileage is calculated through Beacon Software’s TowMap server, with highlighted driving directions. TowMap creates a reviewable route prior to sending the acceptance back to the road club.
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Detailed printable maps with pickup location, destination location, and highlighted unloaded & loaded driving directions may be viewed on all calls that are received through TowMagic.
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Driving Directions
Printable text driving directions with turn-by-turn instructions, mileages, and driving times are accessible on all TowMagic calls.
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Job Review
All job-related information may be reviewed on a single page by the dispatcher prior to accepting or rejecting a job.
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Print Jobs
All jobs within TowMagic may be printed on a single sheet of paper using any printer.
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Forward Jobs to Dispatch Anywhere
When using Beacon Software’s Dispatch Anywhere, calls are automatically moved into the Pending Call area to be dispatched to a driver’s pager or mobile phone.
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History Search
Every call that has been sent to TowMagic may be reviewed at any time by using the Search option.
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